Making Progress

We've been buzzing around the farm like busy bees expanding our lavender fields.  We managed to plant 5 types of lavender:  Super Blue, Big Time Blue, Sensational, Hidcote and Provence.  The plants love their new home, and we are excited to watch them grow.  

Time for a Drink!

Even though lavender is drought tolerant, they still need some regular watering.  Especially for first year plants.  The Spring of 2023 was very dry, and our baby plants needed a drink.  Once the roots are established, they won't need to be watered as often. 

Reaching New Heights

Our second year lavender plants are growing up big and tall.  The English Lavender usually blooms first in the late spring.  This year, the blooms were a little delayed due to chilly temps and dry conditions.  Our farm is located in Zone 5A, which is why bloom times are a little delayed. 

Setting the Stage

Time to prep for our seasonal farm shed-store, and naturally elevated stage.  Looking ahead into the future, our goal is to have visitors schedule appointments to tour our lavender fields, and take in the beautiful views from the natural summit. 

A Farm With A View​

From the top of Lavender Lookout, lavender enthusiasts will be greeted with a breathtaking panorama of our lavender fields and forest ridge line.  From this vantage point, visitors will have a majestic view of our lavender-filled surroundings and can stop in and check-out our Lavender Shed Store.

Winged Approval

  Becoming good stewards of the land attracts curious wild-life on the farm.  This inquisitive hawk decided to stop by and check out our progress.  We believe our new found friend approves of our little farm. 

More to Come​

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our progress.  We hope to meet you soon, and please check our website for more updates and progress on the farm. 

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