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We started our small lavender farm during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic after discovering the fragrance had a very calming effect on our overall mood.   First we did some reserach and then we decided to try planting lavender in our fields.  We had a lot of work to do cleaning up the field.  

Holy Giant Boulders

We quickly found out we had lots and lots of boulders in our field, and this created a challenge. But we were able to relocate all of the boulders, and actually put some of them to good use.  

Boulders in Ground - Hickory Run Lavender Farm

Planting Time

Once we cleared out the boulders, we prepped the ground and laid out landscaping fabric to help keep the weeds down. Once that was in place, we planted each lavender plant in the ground by hand. Then we waited for winter to see how they would do.  Winters in the Poconos are very cold. 

Planting Lavender - Hickory Run Lavender Farm
Snow on Ground - Hickory Run Lavender Farms

Brr... It's Cold

Winter was cold the first year, the second year, it was even colder. We were worried about our little plants because it takes approximately 3 years for a lavender plant to mature.  We weren't sure how they would do, but we stayed hopeful.

Lavender is Amazing

Boy, winter was harsh!  When the spring melt came, we were extremely disheartened to see our beautiful plants looking dull, brown and dead. It was at that moment, we reconsidered our future, until we closely examined each plant and discovered tiny green growths emerging. We decided to trim back the plants and patiently wait for nature to give us a sign. As we patiently waited month after month, more green returned until finally it returned to it's full blooming glory in the summer. Wow!

Picture collage

Ahhh... The Smell

Hard to believe we harvested all this lavender from one plant!  The house smelled amazing that summer, and we were thrilled!  


When we took some bundles to the farmer's market, we sold out!  The rest of the bundles we used to make hydrosol and essential oil.  

Fresh Lavender
Looking Ahead - Hickory Run Lavender Farm

Looking Ahead

It's so nice to hear how much people are enjoying our lavender products.  It inspires us to continue growing our farm and this year we are looking forward to planting more lavender in the spring.


We hope you will stick around as we share our progress and we hope to see you soon in 2024 and beyond!   

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